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My name is Rhi

and it's my mission to help people to upgrade their energy in order to become a higher version of themselves, uplift their own lives and the lives of the people who they interact with.

I have learned, in my own life and by witnessing the beautiful transformations that occur in the lives of my students, that energy work helps people to shift in a more authentic and permanent way. When working with energy, profound changes occur naturally in the lives of the people doing the work. They are forever changed for the better.

My email is Rhi1122@icloud.com

How Energy Shifts Happen?

All change is an energetic shift because all things are made of energy. The energy transformation that I speak of takes place at the very core of our being. The shift happens in who we are.

To create these energetic changes, we use various techniques such as meditation, breath work, yoga, etc. There is a reason that so many people claim that these practices have changed their lives. It's something that really has to be experienced in order to truly understand how life changing energy work can be. My courses, retreats, and the products are designed to  transform you from the inside, out. I know if you put energy into the teachings I share, you will experience big shifts. However, if you are not happy with your experience, I will return all of your money - NO QUESTIONS ASKED! You can also join the spiritual awakening memberships site for free for the first month, to see if it's right for you.

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