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My name is Rhi

and I struggled with suicidal depression, extremely low self worth, patterns of abuse in relationships, and a complete lack of purpose and meaning in my life. I did not enjoy my life at all, and I had no idea how to change my life.

Out of desperation I searched and studied intensely, and over the course of 25 years, I discovered powerful tools that I've been able to use to make profound, positive shifts in my own life. I am surrounded by kind, loving friends and family who are supportive and uplifting. I am living my purpose every day and my life is filled with meaning. I am in love with who I am and I am in love with my life. 

It's now my mission to help other people to upgrade their energy in order to become a higher version of themselves, uplift their own lives and the lives of the people who they interact with.

I have learned, in my own life and by witnessing the beautiful transformations that occur in the lives of my students, that energy work helps people to shift in a more authentic and permanent way.


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