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Intuitive Painting Workshop with Justine Serebrin
September 4, at 10:00am EST
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Justine Serebrin is a native of Southern California. At the age of 7 her mother gave her a “how to” face painting kit. This was the beginning of a lifetime of learning all forms of art. This included a fine arts degree from Otis College, work as a professional body painter, a tattoo artist, a published oracle card deck creator, and founder of the ‘Intuitive Artist Mastery Code’ an online art school for intuitive artists. She is the owner of the conscious tattoo shop, Earth Altar Studio in Eagle Rock, Ca., and the pioneer of ‘intuitive tattooing’. 

Justine's main offer is her online art school for intuitive visionary creatives: The IAMCODE. 
Visit her website here. 

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts
October 2, at 3pm EST
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Allow creativity to flow


Meet an intuitive painting master.


Create art from your SOUL


For over 5 years, Rissa has been guiding spiritually curious people on how to illuminate their psychic gifts and navigate their enlightenment path!

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With her degree in psychology and experience in behavioral health counseling, Rissa is also able to merge her intuition with intellect and provide a balanced approach for both scientific and creative minds alike.

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She absolutely LOVES fulfilling her purpose & serving the world in this way and she can’t wait to be of service to YOU! 

In this workshop, Rissa Vibes will be helping us to discover our own spiritual and spiritual gifts, and giving us some helpful tips to navigate this spiritual journey. 

Rissa Vibes is a Multidimensional love & light Channel, Professional Intuitive Mentor & Conscious Recording Artist activating higher vibrational frequencies within the mind, body, soul & cosmic selves through her Intuitive Luminary Coaching, Sacred Energy Readings, Soul Sparking events, Music and more.  

Check out here YouTube channel to see more of what she does. 

“Awaken To Your Wealth” Free Talk With Julie Murphy
November 2, 5pm EST
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Grow your wealth


Become a POWERFUL magnet for wealth


Live in an abundance "frequency"

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About Julie Murphy
Julie Murphy is all heart, giving hope to millions to create a new life.  

Julie’s professional designations are CLU, ChFC, CFP®, is an independent CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, author and media expert who wants you to heal your emotions so you can prosper financially, and in life. Her new book, Awaken Your Wealth, a #1 Amazon best seller in several categories, will transform how you feel about money now into a new mindset that feeds your heart and soul and enriches your financial wellbeing.  Living a life of Real Wealth!

People call Julie a financial healer and money therapist. After transforming her own upbringing of scarcity into a life of abundance, she’s on a mission to financially heal the world. Her approach, first expressed in The Emotion Behind Money: Building Wealth from the Inside Out, bridges the emotional right brain and the financial left brain to help people release old beliefs that limit them from achieving greater financial security.

Now, you can balance your life and experience money in a new way with the PACT system in Awaken Your Wealth:  Creating a PACT to Optimize Your Money and Your Life. Build a better plan from the inside out with this four-step approach that takes you from healing to action. Learn to love yourself, and money will love you!

Julie has led a financial services and wealth management firm in Chicago, Illinois, for more than 25 years. Like many others, she had been affected by family beliefs about financial struggle. Once she realized she didn’t have to live under the shadow of those old childhood beliefs about money, Julie created a life plan of her own choosing—one based on sound investment strategies and proven emotional and mental tools and techniques. 

With an open heart and upbeat personality, Julie lives to share her story and healing energy with audiences far and wide. Her appearances on CNBC-TV, Lifetime TV, Oprah & Friends Radio and her YouTube channel (EmotionBehindMoney), Instagram (@AwakenwithJulie),  LinkedIn, and Facebook page (Awaken With Julie) have alerted thousands of people to their emotional connection to money. She has also been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, The Chicago Tribune, Associated Press and other publications. Join the conversation about emotions and money at www.JulieMurphy.com

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