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The courses below are $125 each, but you have access to them all when you join the Spiritual Community membership, you have access to all of the courses for only $25 a month! If you want FULL access to courses, meetings AND monthly retreats, join the Spiritual Seekers for only $50 a month


Living Your Best Life As Your Highest Self  Course

Learn techniques and tools to empower yourself and upgrade your life. More than 14 powerful meditations included. 

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Read Tarot Like A Pro

Learn techniques to read tarot accurately and clearly WITHOUT a book!

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Kundalini Awakening

Learn to activate the life force within you.

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Third Eye Awakening Course

Learn to awaken your intuition and perceive truth.

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Heart Opening Course

Open up to more love and deeper forms of love.

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Create Your Best Life

Learn law of attraction and personal transformation techniques to upgrade your life

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