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The courses below are $125 each, but you have access to them all when you join the spiritual community membership, you have access to all of the courses for only $25 a month! 
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Highest Self Transformation Course

Learn to transform yourself into your highest self from the inside out here.

Course Benefits

  • We’ll learn how to open up our hearts to receive love

  • We’ll open up our entire energy field to receive all kinds of good things

  • We’ll learn about transforming through the night review.

  • We’ll learn why and how it benefits us to practice loving kindness and gratitude

  • We’ll amplify our ability to heal ourselves and others

  • We’ll receive guidance from the divine

  • We’ll receive guidance from a “panel of light beings”

  • We’ll receive guidance our own hearts

  • We’ll receive guidance from our highest self

  • We’ll learn to move up the emotional scale and increase our vibrational frequency

  • We’ll learn about the miraculous benefits of blessing EVERYTHING

  • We’ll learn about the chakras, and we’ll be purifying them and amplifying the energy in each one

  • We’ll talk about embodying the highest self

  • We’ll learn about the incredible effect that our emotional addictions have on our lives, and we’ll learn to create new, higher, empowering emotional addictions.

  • We’ll learn to honor our emotions, hear the messages that they are bringing to us, so that we can release them

  • We’ll learn why a third eye awakening is LIFE CHANGING

  • We’ll learn how to awaken the third eye

  • We’ll learn about why it’s so wise to surrender, and we’ll learn how to do it

  • We’ll learn to move the chi, prana or life force energy while we are walking

  • We’ll learn about about changing our responses and tackling challenges as highest self in order to create the best outcome.


Meditations included in this course:

  • Increase Your Healing Ability Meditation

  • Loving Kindness and Gratitude Meditation

  • Night Review

  • Morning Meditation 1

  • Heart Opening Meditation

  • Chakra Meditation 1

  • Walking As Your Highest Self Meditation

  • Honoring Emotions Meditation

  • Spiraling Up the Emotional Frequency Meditation

  • Third Eye Awakening Meditation 

  • Morning Meditation 2

  • Amplify the Energy In the Chakras Meditation

  • Walking With the Chakras Meditation

  • Overcoming the Challenges As Your Highest Self Rehearsal Meditation

Tarot Course 

Learn to read tarot accurately and clearly without having to memorize any meanings. You can purchase that course here.


What you'll learn:

Upcoming Courses!!


Kundalini Awakening 

Third Eye Awakening

Heart Opening

Yoga To Raise Kundalini

More on these very soon!

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