29 Day Challenge To UPGRADE In a HUGE Way!

🌕Full moon lunar eclipse today!

Today is a day to upgrade your energy, become a higher version of yourself, and step into your best life.

I will be hosting a live event to help us to make this shift into a higher energy. If you want to come, simply show up at 7pm EST here:

The powerful energy of this full moon eclipse can only take you so far though. That's why I'm starting a challenge today that will last until the next full moon on June 24.


The challenge is to STOP looking to the outside world for ANYTHING, and focus ENTIRELY instead to what you're bringing to life.

Imagine how your life would shift if you stopped seeking, complaining, blaming others, making excuses, and even looking to others for confirmation or advice. What would happen if instead placed all of your attention on what you're creating, what you're saying, how will you're listening to others, how you're taking care of yourself, your own thoughts and feelings etc.? My guess is that everything would change.

Every day I will be posting reminders and challenges for the day to help you stay on track.

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