8 Ways To Get Into The Habit Of Asking For Help From Spirit Guides Every Day

What would happen if you asked for help from your guides every day? How would your life change?

Before I get into the wonderful and simple methods I've used to contact these brings, I'd like to mention first that, I believe that spirit guides are not anything mystical or magical "out there" in the heavens somewhere. I believe that spirit guides are within us, at our disposal at all times. The spirit guides we call upon are the highest and most Divine parts of our beautiful selves.

My view of spirit guides may be a bit different than some other spiritual teachers, but I don't believe that it negates the power of using these benevolent beings. Actually, I believe that our relationships with these beings can be more intimate and loving because they are already within us.

I also believe that we can and SHOULD use these powerful beings in the same way that we use our arms and legs. I've never heard anyone say, "I feel bad asking my legs to walk to the fridge. It's not important enough. I shouldn't ask my legs for that". Umm... no. Ask for help constantly.

How do we ask for guidance in the "right" way?

The great thing is, there is no wrong way! The only mistake you can make is not too ask.

I've asked in formal ways, literally getting on my knees and reverently praying in front of a candle. I've also asked with expletives, "PLEASE help me, I don't know when the _____ I'm doing!"

If you're not in the habit of asking, the trick is to remember to ask. Here are the simple ways that can help you to get into the habit of asking for help:

  1. Write a list each morning of 1-3 things that you need help with. This doesn't need to be complicated. Always start the list with calling upon the most benevolent, powerful and wise guides, to ensure proper assistance.

  2. Write a list each night of 1-3 things that you need help with. If morning doesn't work for you, do this before bed.

  3. Set timers on your phone to remind you to ask for help. Even if you only ask for help in making good decisions, ALWAYS BE ASKING FOR HELP.

  4. Wear special jewelry that reminds you that your spirit guides are with you always. You can "bless" this jewelry by touching it and speaking an intention, such as, "This ring/bracelet/necklace reminds me that my spirit guides always want to help me".

  5. Trust the guidance. This is the hardest part for so many people, and it is absolutely the most important part of the process. When something pulls you, or you "just know" or whatever guidance comes up, follow it! Don't hesitate. Also, you must be receptive. If someone gives you something, just say thank you. You are worthy to receive.

  6. Be sure to thank your spirit guides. Always say thank you when you receive guidance and assistance. To make this a habit and to strengthen the relationship between you and your guides, thank them every night as you're falling asleep and first thing when you wake in the morning.

  7. Ask them to be with you all day. When you wake up in the morning, you can ask your guides to help you and be with you all day long. You can even ask that they make their presence known. I've been blown away when I ask for my guides to make their presence known.

  8. Give them a name. If it feels right to you to name them, then ask them what they want to be called and just listen. If they don't give you a name instant, you can trust that they will when the time is right. You can even just make up a name. I personally say something like, "My team of a million angels".

I hope that this is helpful, and I really hope that you'll ask for guidance constantly.


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