A Very Simple Way To Shift Timelines Intentionally

Looking at this photo of myself from a few years ago, I feel like I’ve grown SO much. A lifetime worth of experiences has happened since this photo was taken.

At the time this photo was taken, I certainly was not the happy, fulfilled and passionate person I am now. I was struggling in so many ways. I was sad, and I was most definitely heading in a disastrous direction.

I feel that it’s so important to have compassion for the past version of me, and to have love and respect for her. She didn’t have the same tools that I have now, and she was lost.

Do you have compassion for your past self, or do you blame and reject her/him? Send your past self some love! You’ve been through so much. Send some words of encouragement to her/him. When you do this, you shift the past, and you open yourself up to receive the blessings and wisdom that have always been available, but that you blocked with your resistance. Be thankful for the past, just as it was. It was perfectly leading you to your highest life, even if you’re no where close to that now (we’ll get to that in a minute).

Fast forward to now. I am SO fully alive, and I am not struggling in the same ways. I am thriving in every area of my life. I bless this present me with miracles and wonderful surprises, and, of course, this opens me up to these things.

I know that it will only continue to get better and better. I am so sure of this mostly because I ensure that it will, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. The future me has evolved exponentially from where I am now, she is SHINING and even more in love her life than the present version of me (it’s hard to imagine that is possible). I have tremendous love and respect for her, and I’m totally cheering her on.

When I see and feel the future me in this way, as living a better life, as evolved exponentially, as shining, I am CHOOSING that future. This is all that shifting timelines is; selecting the future that you desire out of limitless possibilities.

The beautiful thing is, you don’t need to know exactly, specifically, what this future looks like. Feel into it, and allow the vision of your beautiful future to come to you. What does it feel like to live in an upgraded future?

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