Day 9 What’s Working So Far

Updated: Jan 11

It's interesting the stillness, ease, and quiet sense of joy I feel when I can be present and forget about myself. Every time I return to the present, and return my energy (focused attention) to my body, the result is peace and well-being. Every time I bring my attention to my heart, and remember that life is perfect, and that I'm whole, I feel bliss. It never fails.

It occurred to me today that every problem I've ever had has actually never been a problem at all. It's all been just stuff that happened that I assigned meaning to because of my personal desires, stories, beliefs and agendas.

This is not easy most of the time. However, I've noticed that discipline has brought me the most amazing rewards in my life, and I feel this will be no different. It seems probable to me, that every great thing that anyone has ever done has happened because the person was disciplined in some way. I'm sure there are challenges when training for the gold medal, but the practice of showing up every day and giving 100% of one's self is what makes am Olympian. I really want to be an Olympian.

One thing that stood out today was that my capacity for kindness, joy and presence greatly diminished as the day went on today. I hadn't slept the night before, and I was VERY tired. I learned that I become much more self centered, impatient and irritable when I'm physically tired. This makes sense, and I have compassion for myself. The nature of this commitment requires me to be gratefully, joyfully and peacefully present and in service on all situations. It's not important to figure out how to get more sleep, it's important that my personal feelings DO NOT interfere with the perfect unfolding of life.

That being said, I also feel that if I can get more sleep, I'll be doing myself and the world's greatest service. I just don't want to be knocked off course by anything. Can I feel exhausted and remain present, blissful and ready to serve life? I know that I can.

This has already been such a challenge, but I'm ready for a different kind of life. For as long as I can remember, I've been wanting to fix myself, change my life, be successful, and just "get to a place" where I can be happy. I had it completely backwards.

I want to document some practices that have naturally come up that have been helpful to be present, whole and living in Ananda.

What's working:

Expanding my awareness into life. Opening myself to what is. I do this by simply getting still, and feeling as if my whole body we're opening up and expanding out into space. I can then intentionally tune into my heart, and feel joy and love there, for what IS.

Another practice I did today that was super helpful was saying "Forgive them/him/her., for they know not what they do" any time someone said or did something that I felt hurt by. I understand this phrase to mean that people are living in their own understanding and perception of the world. Everyone is innocent. I feel that when someone adopts a dog and they know it's been abused, there's some compassion when the dog snaps at anyone who comes near it. People react based on the past in the same way that an abused dog reacts. They are

Until God asks me to move, I will be still. And all people, all of life is God.

Just to sum up my day, I was present so much more of the time. I'm finding it much easier when I am moving more slowly.

I did find myself on social media a couple of times. I had to run around and goo shopping for house stuff, and honestly, I've always despised shopping. I was able to be in it. I think I scrolled social media to take my mind off of shopping. I caught myself. I wouldn't say I had a great time, but I was content.

The shopping trip was not for me at all, so there was nothing about it that I preferred. I successfully put myself aside completely. Shopping is one of my least favorite things to do, so if I could put my personal stuff aside in that situation, over risen to a challenge.

I didn't take in any information.

The “rules” or guidelines for a year of Ananda (See Ananda definition here)

* I will be as present as possible, grateful and loving what arises. I will focus on serving whatever is in front of me joyfully.

* No social media scrolling! I will only post my content and answer comments and questions that are on my content.

* No intake of external information. No more podcasts, books, audiobooks, YouTube videos or information of any kind. 😳 I will turn inwards for answers, guidance and information.

* I will trust life COMPLETELY. No more struggle, striving, controlling, wanting or trying to make something happen. I will trust and know that whatever is in my life is perfect, and I don’t need to fix or change it.

* I will move toward what I resist, NO personal preferences or agendas. I will say YES to all of life. (Unless I'm in physical danger, of course)

* I will engage in as many spiritual practices as possible every day.

* I will focus on GIVING and SERVING.

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