Full Moon Eclipse In Sagittarius On May 26! How To Make The Best Of It!

If you want to have a ritual with a community of like minded, spiritual seekers, I’ll be leading a full moon ritual over zoom. It’s free for everyone to attend. The only thing that you’ll need is an index card, and a white candle. Here’s the link, just show up at 7pm EST on May 26th.

On May 26th, at approximately 7:13am EST, there will be a full moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. The energy of this full moon eclipse is expansion, HUGE upgrades in frequency and vibration, spiritual growth, joy, laughter, creativity, confidence and “shininess”.

These are all great energies, but I love the energy of this full moon in particular, because it is not just about feeling these things, it’s about taking action to upgrade into a life that is filled with these things.

Huge changes and shifts can be expected now. It’s great to really take advantage of this time.

This is a time to:

Upgrade the vibration in your LIFE by taking BIG action!

Decide what you feel most inspired to create in the world, and DO it.

Discover what makes you most joyful and blissful in your life and DO at least one of these things daily

Increase your confidence and - do something that scares you.

Incorporate one spiritual practice into your day that will help you to EMBODY spiritual growth and expansion. Yoga, walking meditation, breath work and dancing are great places to start.

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