If You’re Stuck - Here’s the ONE Thing You Can Do To Leap Forward


I’ve talked a lot (to myself and others) about this ONE thing. I thought that I was doing it every day. I actually thought that I was really good at LIVING this one thing. It turns out that I was very wrong.

I have a ton of realizations in my meditations. A few days ago in a meditation, I had a true understanding of this ONE thing, how it would shift everything, how it IS where all of my power lies and how to truly apply it to my life.

What is this one thing? Drum rolllll please...

The one thing is - taking 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life in EVERY moment. 🤔

If you just felt bored and disappointed because you’ve heard that before, I believe that you‘re dissatisfied not because you KNOW this already, but because you actually don’t know the whole truth about what it means to take responsibility.

I‘m not saying this from a place of “higher than thou”. I didn’t understand it at all until only a few days ago, at least not the way I do now.

The understanding that I have of responsibility now is that it is up to me - and only ME to decide the quality of my life, in every moment.

I am responsible for:

  • The quality of my relationships

  • My level of fulfillment and satisfaction in my career

  • The level of energy and vitality I feel throughout my day

  • My mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health

  • My thoughts and feelings about, well, everything

  • The impact that the current state of affairs in the world has on me

  • The impact that the weather has on me


There is nothing, NOTHING that is not my responsibility.

A couple of disclaimers here: when I say that it has to be up to ME, I do not mean that I don’t ever need help. If I do need help though, it is MY responsibility to ask for that help.

Anything that is going on in your life, especially the things that feel out of your control, it’s so helpful to respond effectively. This is what responsibility is. It isn’t about control and it isn’t about blaming yourself, it is about choice. Who are you choosing to be? What are you choosing to say or do in the situation that is being presented to you in this present moment? If something is happening that is outside of your control that feels not so great, how are you going to shift into something that actually adds goodness to your life? The pandemic comes to mind. Yes, we are all stuck at home. It could suck, if you allow that to be the case. You could instead choose for it to be a wonderful time in your life. You could ask the question, “How could I shift this into something that is wonderful for me?”

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