The Benefits Of Awakening the Third Eye

The third eye is discussed A LOT in new age circles, and I believe that this is because it TRULY is a reality shifting powerhouse.

When the third eye awakens, life shifts in a HUGE way. This can be a beautifully blissful time, but it can also be a time of great loss and shocking change. This is because the third eye - when it’s restored to proper function - will free you of your illusions and will strip your life of all that is false.

This cleansing sounds wonderful, and it is, but, for example, it can be very difficult to leave a 20 year marriage that no longer allows the partners to grow, or abandon a career that you poured all of your energy into. If these things are not right for you, when the third eye is activated, you will KNOW this, and you won’t tolerate these falsehoods in your life anymore.

Aside from these huge shifts in your reality that can take place and move you into a life that is more authentic for you, some of the other benefits that can occur with a third eye awakening are:

  • Psychic abilities and intuition is improved. Suddenly, you know what you know and you are RIGHT.

  • You have dreams and visions that guide you perfectly. The third eye is the visual center and can wake up your “inner vision”.

  • You will drop illusions and know truth. You will know the truth behind the falsehoods that are being presented to us all the time. People’s masks suddenly can’t hide their true self from you, you can’t be deceived- even by a talented liar, and you start to question things that you simply bought into before. Regarding that last point, you may suddenly become aware of what’s truly in the food that you eat, or what your children are actually learning in school. Uncomfortable truths will reveal themselves to you.

  • You will become mentally sharper, more focused and clearer. The third eye also governs over our thought processes.

  • You will have a vision for the future. When this center functions well, you will be able to see the future that you desire, and you will simply KNOW your right path.

  • Bliss in oneness. Because this chakra dispels illusion, the illusion that we are separate from the earth, from each other, from the divine, melts away. This is bliss.

  • You become a genius. Maybe not actually a genius, but you do have insights and wisdom that was blocked before this center was made clear.

  • You make decisions with certainty. You simply know your path, you know what is right for you, and you trust your inner guidance. There is less and less need to consult external sources, because you are tapped into the teacher within.

On Friday, June 18 from 9am EST, until June 21 at 6pm EST, I will be hosting an “Open Your Third Eye” meditation retreat. If you’d like to sign up, tickets are on sale now:

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