The Measure Of A Well Lived Life

Lately I’ve been feeling SO energize, SO alive and SO happy (even more so than usual). The best part is, if you ask me why I am so happy and so excited to get up in the morning, my answer would be, “I don’t really have a reason. I‘m just… ALIVE”.

Life itself is lighting me up. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I remember watching the gymnastics portion of the summer Olympics with my dad, and I made a comment about the muscles that these amazing people had built. Their bodies were incredibly sculpted. My father said, “Well, my God, I hope so. They’ve put in enough work”.

The truth is, I have been diligently doing energy shifting work for a LONG time. I SHOULD be lit up by life itself. I don’t need a reason to be in love with life and on fire for life every day because I intentionally created that state as my default.

It took a lot of trial and error, searching for what works, and weeding out what doesn’t. That process was long and slow. Hitting the same obstacles over and over, was frustrating. Encountering my own shadows and patterns was really painful.

It’s been a rollercoaster, but I’m HERE. Nearly 25 years of DAILY energy shifting work has truly paid off. I can honestly say that I am the happiest person I’ve ever known and I continuously upgrade every area of my life, again and again.

It took my YEARS to get to a point where I could honestly say, “I love myself, and I am in love with my life”. I didn’t have any idea how to get the results I was after for a LONG time, and I had no support. It doesn’t have to take you years. Let’s condense and simplify daily energy shifting.

Here are the three key ways that I shift my own energy every day:

  1. Before I open my eyes in the morning, and as I am falling asleep at night, I bless my body, my day and my life and I visualize the reality that I want to move into. Your subconscious mind creates more than 90% of your reality. It is an extraordinarily powerful tool, when we use it correctly. This powerhouse is most receptive and “programmable” when your brain waves are slowest. Your brain waves are slowest when you first wake up and as you are falling asleep. You are INCREDIBLY suggestible during these times. USE this opportunity to send blessings, recite affirmations and visualize a new reality.

  2. I take FULL responsibility for EVERYTHING. If you do only one thing to change your life, do this: take 100% responsibility for everything in your life. This was the one thing that shifted my whole life. Look at everything as something that you are the cause of. You are the cause of the quality of your relationships, your job satisfaction, your emotional state, the condition of your body, etc. It is all YOU. Stop looking at the outside world and demanding that it changes. Change YOU. Use the words of John F. Kennedy as inspiration: “Ask not what life bring to you, ask what can I bring to my life!”

  3. I embrace challenges and difficulties. Every challenge, every setback, every difficulty is a GOLDEN opportunity. When life presents me with a challenge, I see it as a very valuable opportunity to learn and grow. When things are difficult, I am being called upon to be a higher version of myself. I AM capable of rising to the occasion, and every time I rise, I level up. It has always been the challenges in my life that have brought the biggest blessings, because I had to come out of my comfort zone and RISE.

You are capable of changing your life, and you can start right now. Everything you need is within you. In the words of one of my hero’s, Dr. Joe Dispenza, “Nothing truly changes until you change your energy”. Shifting your energy from being a victim to being empowered will change everything.

If you would like to shift your energy and create an upgraded version of yourself, I would love to help you to do this. Click here for one on one “Higher Self” coaching.

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