What Is A "Confirmation Sign"?

You don't have to wait to receive messages from the universe. A confirmation sign is a sign that you can ask the universe to send you. You can ask for any kind of sign you want.

A confirmation sign is a big YES from the universe, so the sign that you ask for should be something that you wouldn’t see all the time. It’s perfect to ask to see something rare, beautiful and something that you really love to see (or hear). Simply say, "When I'm on the right track, please show me ______". Or however you want to word it.

My "confirmation sign" is a rainbow, particularly a rainbow around the sun. Yesterday I saw, for the first time in my life, a double rainbow around the sun. 😱🎉💜🌈🌈 I'm taking that to mean that HUGE blessings are coming my way because apparently I'm REALLY on the right track!What is a "confirmation sign"?

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