Kundalini Awakening Retreat

What is a kundalini awakening, and why is it beneficial in your life?

Kundalini is also called chi or prana. Christians have called this powerful energy within each of us, "the Holy Spirit".

When this life force energy is released, it moves through the body unimpeded. Once activated, kundalini will help you to unlock your full potential.


All times are Eastern Standard Time and the retreat is held on zoom.

The Kundalini Awakening Retreat is a four day online retreat, and in order to get the most out of this retreat, it's important that you attend all meditations, lectures and exercises.


A few tips to get the most out of this retreat:    

  • Your intention is EVERYTHING. Be clear from the beginning that the intention of this retreat is to “wake up”, and keep that in mind as we breathe, meditate, talk and do asana practice.

  • Make sure you eliminate distractions and find some silent time. Let people know that you will not be available, and put away anything that might distract you.

  • Choose a quiet space ahead of time. Find a space in your home where you can be alone, and where you have enough space to do the yoga asanas.

  • Stay disconnected even on the breaks. This will really help you to be mindful and “tuned in” to the meditations.  

  • Participate in the yoga asana practice if you can. The physical practice of yoga is important, and really helps to deepen your spiritual connection. If you’re new to yoga, the more challenging poses that we’ll be in can be modified or skipped entirely.

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Dates for Retreat::

May 21, 22, 23 & 24, 2021


A detailed schedule will be emailed to all attendees one week before the retreat. Here are the hours of the retreat:

Thursday: 9:00AM EST - 8:00PM EST

Friday:: 9:00AM EST - 8:00PM EST

Saturday: 9:00AM EST - 8:00PM EST

Sunday: 9:00AM EST - 8:00PM EST

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