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Satsang is a Sanskrit term derived from two roots: sat meaning "true" and sangha meaning community, company or association.

It can be translated as "associating with good people" or simply "being in the company of truth," and refers to the act of gathering with like-minded, uplifting people, especially those on a spiritual path.

Membership Site

There are two active, evolving spiritual communities. 

If you want to connect with like-minded people and you want to have access to all of the courses that I create (usually a new one is launched every month) be a part of live meetings with exercises and meditations to shift your energy and improve your intuition, the  "Spiritual Community Membership", is for you.

It includes:

  • Weekly healing circles

  • Weekly classes in developing your intuition, energy healing and shifting energy

  • Monthly guest who will help us to upgrade

  • A free guided meditation download every week

  • 20% off of retreats, courses, meditation downloads and readings


If you’re an intense spiritual seeker, and you want to have all of the benefits above AND attend monthly retreats for free, there is a membership tier for that! Only $50 a month. Retreats are normally $500 to attend.

Check both options out here.



Our spiritual community is an online community of wonderful souls! Every Monday and Wednesday I go live on YouTube at 10:00am EST . Other (non-live) videos are uploaded on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

I will usually give a spiritual talk and an “assignment” or something to be aware of for the day that will help on the conscious evolution journey. We have a group intention and prayer circle for healing the body, mind and spirit and uplifting life circumstance. 

Private Facebook group

Our Facebook group is for all people who are on this spiritual journey and want to connect with others who are supportive and likeminded. It’s a great place to share, give and receive support, and make spiritual friends!

If you would like to post in the community blog on this website, I’d love to share your spiritual experiences and thoughts! Please email me:

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